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    Transfer books onto SD Card

      I am having a difficult time with my nook tablet. I am almost out of room in my library and I bought a SD card to make more room. I cannot transfer my old ones onto the SD Card. I am not very tech savvy. Can anyone help me? The dummy down version will help immensly! Thank you in advance!!

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          Ok, so bad news, good news.


          Bad news- you can't do it directly from the Nook. 


          Good news- you can still do it.


          What you'll need


          1) your Nook

          2) a computer

          3) the usb cable that came with your Nook

          4) the Nook app for your computer (PC or Mac, they've got both)


          What you need to do


          1) Install the Nook App on your computer, and sign in.  It's the same account you use on your Nook.

          2) Download the books you want to move


          3) On your Nook Tablet press and hold on the books you're moving.  A menu will pop up, select 'archive' and say 'yes' when it asks if you're sure.


          4) Plug your Nook in to your computer with the SD card installed.  Two drives should pop up.  'Nook' and probably 'Untitled'.  Open up the one that is not called 'Nook'.


          5) Now for the tricky part,


          5aif you have a Mac the ebooks you downloaded will be in the folder 'My B&N library' which is in the documents folder in your user folder.  Hit command shift h to get to your user folder directly, then open the folders to get to your BN books.  Drag them to the drive that showed up that was not called 'Nook'.


          5b) If you have a PC the books should be in the same folder in your Documents folder.  Click the start/windows button and open 'Documents' then open the BN library folder and drag them to the drive that wasn't called 'Nook'.


          6) Eject your Nook.


          7) Do a dance, you have just moved the books over to your SD card!


          All that said, you can also just archive the books you've either finished, or aren't going to read for awhile.  When you want to read them just go to your library (on your Nook) and in the top left select 'Archived' from the pull down menu.

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            Could i use that method to sideload my books on my tablet to my daughters hd?
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              Yes. Your pc sees the nook as a drive with folders.